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What's Grander Than A Grand?

@RIP@RIPRIPing it up...

I know it’s bending the rules a little for Fur Face Friday...but I’ve had kind of a lot of fun doing a little bending of the rules in a good cause just lately & one of things I never got a chance to put up as an example of some of the other neat things Kinja makes easy enough for an idiot like me to fill in & look like I know what I’m doing...& there are cats...


1,000 of them perhaps...or more depending on who you ask.

So from over here in Dream Country to all you amazing folks that came to Splinter’s Wake & lived to kvetch another day...I know there to be several thousand of you hep cats out there.


Y’all don’t have to come visit & I may wear a different hat when I go wandering amongst thee hither & yon.

But you did something that I would have been delighted to be a part of but never would have imagined coming close to instigating.


I feel like you taught me a different way to look at this story...& it held a secure spot in my affections to begin with.

It might not come across that way...but it’s basically an attempt to say thank you to everyone & anyone who managed to contribute to either SplinterRIP/DeadspinRIP or the stay of execution that seems to be holding where these blogs are concerned.


I can’t say for sure whether our escapades messing about with posts for a week or two aided in that or courted disaster closer than we all would have otherwise...but as it happens my suspicions for once are the version I’d prefer to believe over a more cautious interpretation.

So if I’m not wrong about that then I’m even more certain that I’m right about this - since I’m inclined to think it would still be true even if you think we shouldn’t have...


Y’all ought to be proud of yourselves.

You certainly impressed the hell out of me.

You can quote me on that.

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