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these are my thoughts...[a-t-c]

DOTDOTwhen I woke up this morning, I heard a disturbing sound...
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there are many like them (quite possibly 1,000s - which came as a welcome surprise, I must admit...) but these ones are mine...

I’ve swapped more than a few others with Jake & the RIP mods & although I haven’t really signed up anyplace else yet I lurked these boards through more than one platform transition already so I can still say I’m pretty much overjoyed to see how much more there is out there I wish I had the time to give the attention it deserves...


aside from an occasional bit of Brexit-based venting & a few bits & pieces of tit & tat about comics or rhymes or US/UK lost-in-translation misapprehension I didn’t wind up doing much to make either of the RIP sites places people jonesing for a Splinter or a Deadspin might care to spend their valuable time...I’m more than a little in awe of the folks who produced logos & made the fixin’s all swell-looking...

& considerably so...[look - I try not to stoop to that kind of self-referencing pun...but I’m of British extraction & I’m trying to pay a compliment here so the rules are quite clear - I get a pass under the self-deprecating exception ruling of Britannia-only-knows-when...that’s just how it is with these things...]when it comes to Milton or James’ Ghost or ....needsabetterusername or Bryan L who devoted an impressive array of time, skill, wit & talent to crank out something that felt like an actual reanimation (via pet cemetery or otherwise) for a hot minute there...& those literal 1,000s on Discord & who-all-knows-where else are literally a balm to these tired eyes....


I’m a little slow, I guess...but to anyone out there who thinks the mods whose names weren’t a “regular” sorta-almost byline @RIP were just along for the ride I recommend seeing if you can do a better job than FireroseNekowolf & the wider group of admins & mods have managed with Left of Dead...

as more by way of a spectator than a gamer or a sportsfan I may have been woefully ignorant of the breadth & depth of the offscreen talents of those of you who have been good enough to entertain me onscreen all the live long day...&/or night...through to day again...I don’t relish contemplating where I’d be without you & I’m over the moon that we seem to have managed to moonshot this unwieldy bovine with not much more than a I guess nursery rhymes can also be more than meets the eye...

Hey, diddle, diddle,
The cat and the fiddle,
The cow jumped over the moon;
The little dog laughed
To see such sport,
And the dish ran away with the spoon.


speaking of running away, I know Jake would like to see if the band might play an encore or two but it’s been a marathon where most of us thought we’d signed up for a light jog...or for the jalopniks out there I guess maybe trying to compete in the Paris-Dakar while driving a homebrew lowrider that’s half rusted out & unintentionally appears to be rolling coal...

so I know I & one or two others were thinking of taking advantage of our sudden loss of mod privileges where the RIP(‘)s (are) concerned as a way to invoke something I was familiar with before I had a Kinja account...


& to follow on from Jake’s own invocation of a Valediction Forbidding Mourning I’d like to bid what I hope is more à bientôt (or at worst au revoir) than good-bye by reposting our introduction...


& - since I was pulling it out of an email anyway (& I know them well enough to count it as an extreme form of revenge for the price I paid for that dog poem/picture’s something from the only person I know who uses more ellipses than arrived with the subject line “unsolicited commentary” (which seems oddly appropriate in hind-sight) & is where I lifted one of the rhyming things I put up (as “consider rate”) along with the incorrect line breaks in the formatting when it first went up... our revoked edit privileges also mean I’ll never be able to adjust the tag on those posts to (a)non the way I was asked to but when I sought permission to post the below they told me that in honor of the wilful abandon with which myopicprophet sacrificed themselves both to & for the greys of the Kinjaverse they think it should be (a)non(e) because they read too much ee cummings & think that reads as anonymous non-e where e is entity...or possibly entertainment...or embarrassment...or equal...& because apparently spectacles are a mute indication of underlying intelligence...or something...

...hello, there...
...apologies if this comes off as a self-indulgent wall of text...
...I read this on the train today...


...& I was thinking about some of what we were chatting about the other evening...
...not for nothing it’s safe to say that my recollection of times when the intersection between my general circumstances & my state of mind was a frequent topic of conversation isn’t always kind...
...but much like remembering to leave the house & speak to people you’d like to rather than have to, it’s also probably safe to say that I might not always get around to having those conversations as often as perhaps I ought... to some extent I think it’s worth pointing out I was listening to what you had to say...
[...I have it on good authority that I don’t necessarily come across that way when these things come up, so apologies if doing so seems redundant...]
...& moreover, I do appreciate both the thought & the conversation... any case, I thought I might provide some context to something I don’t think I necessarily explained all that well - although, to be honest I’m not sure it’s of any great pith or moment...
...but I read a fair bit of news, generally try to pay a bit of attention to what’s going on & what seems to be a priority for who & how they’re arguing for it...

...if only because otherwise most of the time I’d have to actively try not to, which somehow smacks of wilful ignorance & some sort of social-contract-type failure of due diligence or something...

...& whilst thanks to all the not sleeping that extends to reading comment threads & even the odd message board I try not to do the commenting myself because I don’t want to rush off the first thing that comes to mind while I’m trying to take in the conversation & the interesting ones seem often to happen faster than I type... when I say sometimes it’s useful to try to put things down as verse I guess you could say that the mechanics of paring down thoughts that won’t let up in the small hours into a form of sorts - even if it’s only doggerel - is arguably why I don’t have an extensively vituperative online presence...

...instead I have a handful of stuff like this scattered around various devices...

take your time
have second thoughts
& thirds
they may flit or soar like birds
flock or swarm or run in herds
or spoil the way that spilt milk curds
they’re cheaper than the thinnest dime
wisdom or folly, reason or rhyme
in thought will not be found the crime
make of all those thoughts a train
forge link by link opinion’s chain
so that even under strain
these may yet a course maintain
this is why there should be oughts
holding fast among those thoughts
judgement though there be no courts
for frontiers breed the staunchest forts
before at last they’re cast as words -
or dug in deep & left to steep
behind a wall that’s no less tall -
our own thoughts are ours alone
but words once spoken then are sown
& thus their fruit is ours to own
ours the marrow of that bone
consider it
or them
their merits pit
against their flaws
test them for their shape & fit
find out just what sort of hit
might split
or bend or break their laws
& frankly then appraise the cause
a harder task if in poor light
though strain you may with all your might
though you may fight with fervour bright
to catch the sight of wrong or right
dialogue should not berate
a tendency, if left too late
that seals up its starting gate
leaving swift yet baseless hate
that hardens to a settled state
but rises fresh to every bait
which is why I would debate
the pace of our consider-rate
if you set that rate too low
consideration’s hard to show
if you don’t at least attempt to know
what’s against or with the flow
of current, tide or undertow
or would you trust
your judgement just
when its foundations lie in dust -
a train of thought long left to rust?
considerate -
though writ as ‘rate -
we rhyme with ‘ut
an almost utterance
that’s not by chance
a row that’s hoed
by a simple stance
an honour bestowed
that could be paid by a glance
you’ll find there’s really nothing to the trick
no hoop to jump or box to tick
if there’s a body politic
what fool sets out to make it sick?
politic or polity
there’s us & them
& you & me
the few & the many
in the kingdom of we
it never hurts to be polite
for the only glorious war
is the one we don’t fight

...not sure I get as far as titles beyond occasionally having to find something to use as a filename or a subject line... which case I guess that would put this next bit under the loose heading of “hung(over) parliament”...
...not sure if I could say if it was a particular vote or result that was keeping me awake, specifically...
...but the idea of the current political landscape inclining me towards a stiff drink has been more or less a constant refrain for a while...
...& even when I don’t indulge the feeling these days it seems like reality remains hungover...
...”the media” may not be perfect but given the material they have to work with & the audience they have to try to persuade to pay attention I confess I don’t know how anyone could manage to behave like the adults in the conversation sometimes...

...the temptation to further erode the quality of public discourse by presenting it as a sort of morbidly deadpan farce would almost certainly overwhelm me pretty regularly..., while it’s not as funny as, say, john stewart’s bit after pinching his chair back from colbert the other night was...
...I wouldn’t be shocked to discover there was a fair bit of common ground in what gave rise to both...

how do you live?
& how could you thrive?
what’s got to give?
& why do you strive?

where are you happy?
& what do you see
when your mind feels free
& you try to imagine

what life might be?

how many do you think agree?

how many you’s wrest
the rest of we
from me?

be it places, faces,
vestigial traces,
or the safest of spaces -
whatever the case is

whatever the point of this race is
however relentless its pace is
or perilous our state of grace is

by the grace

of many a state

the world is as it is

though a long time colder
now increasingly not

indeed many insist
things are getting too hot

& while the future’s persistent
the present’s insistent

most wish it were different
while some are indifferent

some bereft of a voice

or the sense of a choice

so the people have spoken
but what have they said?

the question seems open
however it’s read

not a cry but a mumble
salted with dread
that it might prove a stumble
on a line we’ve to tread

our destination unknown

& our fare undeclared

where is the gain
in staying the course
if just toeing the line
risks killing the horse?

a whispered choice by great renown
requires we somehow be prepared

for our world sustains
a political face
yet reality remains
an apolitical place

where a problem’s a problem
‘cause that’s what’s the case

which in its haste
is a remorseless chase
that locks step with time’s
inexorable pace

because a public face
is often held in place
with indecent haste

& by the miracle of

news travels fast

so more gets said than done

& more gets lost than won

though in general, it seems,
not by the people who run

to whom it’s mostly statistics
& ‘good-natured fun’

so while life throws up questions
that come by the ton

somehow they claim
they need ask only one

the number of votes
with which we’re each blessed

to use on multiple choice
in a one question test

where the choices in question
don’t match what’s professed

so there’s no way of knowing
how badly you’ve guessed

just aim for the least of all evils
& hope for the best

sincerity’s not integrity
even on its best day

& there’s no virtue in conviction
if truth goes down in the fray

& more often than not
things end up going that way

‘cause the thing about politics
is it’s a thing that you play

who listens to who
& who can who sway

& mostly the trick’s
in the things that you say

day after day
of “no, do it my way”

yet manifest
remains the need

so well might we ask
what now in deed?

for an act is an act
a literal matter of fact

though for some denial
extends even unto that


nor prophecy

cannot but leave
that much intact

...anyhow, I’ll spare you from any more but I thought some context might explain why I don’t think I’d deem it poetry on account of knowing what that looks like & not seeing much resemblance...
...but on the other hand, I think the sentiment is valid & I find I don’t hate the phrasing..., if you made it this far you can officially count yourself on the short list of people who can claim credit for being the last line of defence between my opinionated ranting & the online world...
...& that is almost certainly worthy of a bigger line of credit at the bank of karma that might be at first be supposed...

...all the best to you & yours...

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