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The BandThe Bandgetting it together...

So...I’m still up & despite whenever this gets set to post I can assure you that even if you think it might be cool not to be asleep at the sort of time I’m writing this I can assure you with every fibre of my being that you would be wrong.


It might be possible to be more wrong than that. The guy we apparently have to call Mr president for the rest of his turn on the old mortal coil [unless or until someone manages to officially rescind that undeserved honorific] could probably manage it. Alex Jones. Tucker Carlson. Hannity. Fox & Friends. What you might call your specialists.

Rudy could probably manage it in his sleep these days. Lucky snoring bastard. He looks like he snores. Maybe that’s not something you can really look like one way or another. I don’t know or particularly care. If that litany of blissful &/or wilful ignorance get to rest easy in their beds while I stare at the brightening daylight poking around the blinds to remind me that this is about when I should indeed be awake - but minus the overwhelming desire for sleep...well, then something is wrong with my picture & I don’t seem to be able to find where I adjust the set. Maybe I’m old & cranky & I don’t understand technology.



I do know there are plenty of people who could be taking better advantage than I of any eyeballs that might be turned in this direction but since I figure anyone good enough to have already turned up deserves at least something better than the label on the back of the milk carton to cast an eye over with their cornflakes [or whatever you have for breakfast/lunch/dinner/snacks] & I’m kinda meant to be busy if I stay awake over the course of the day...& far less eloquent anyway...

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