The BandThe Bandgetting it together...

If it’s true that wherever you lay your hat is home & a rolling stone gathers no moss then it’s quite likely that this isn’t the first or last of these little holes-in-the-wall once the Grand Wizard of the Kragle start stamping their hobnailed feet about the place some more:

Since the whole G K Chesterton seemed to be largely ignored by most folks & I don’t think any of them would appreciate my explaining why I think there’s considerably more to that analogy than the self-indulgent packaging may lead many to conclude I think it may also be worth pointing out that strange days make for strange bedfellows.


& given that one in particular either is or can do a startlingly accurate impression of being the legendary Phantom of Kinja’s Opera might call this a word to the wise.

Sometimes it pays to get along to get along in this world because the unlikeliest folks turn out to have a read the book of five rings or the one some Italian cove knocked up for the son of a king. I happen to know at least one of the SplinterRIP mob habitually carries a pocket sized edition of the tao te ching & the meditations of Marcus Aurelius around pretty much everywhere lest they be caught with nothing to peruse but the contents of their own mind.

So it pays not to jump to conclusions or make hasty assumptions about people or situations you’re new to & may not fully understand or appreciate the finer nuances of.

make of that what you will...but have a care...these guys are pretty friendly but there’s at least one Great Dragon & a Momma Bear out there who are paying better attention to a lot of this shit than you appear to be showing any visible sign of discerning...

Round & round & round the tail goes as it tries to wag the dog it claims to own...where it stops no one knows...but like as not when that day dawns it will have reaped what it has sown.

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