it’s an extinction rebellion thing...
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The BandThe Bandgetting it together...

Don’t dream? What are we about here? Looking to make some sort of point about walking back DACA and punishing those who would be dreamers?

So maybe we have our head in the clouds but between this sort of thing:


& folks like these...

I think it’s safe to say we aren’t the only set of cheap seats up in the gods watching the fat lady sing her guts out...

& although, as the re-vivified sequel to an off-brand sequel that re-animated (or more properly borrowed the plenty animated audience of) a recently deceased online entity I’ve personally read many note remains apparently unique in its combination of reportage, opinion, comment & might be easy to feel slighted by a thing like this...


...but if someone out there thinks we’re a bunch of herbs on a soapbox talking to ourselves - go on ahead. From where we sit anyone holding that opinion has some questions to answer about their beliefs & motivations, though. Non-trivial questions, as the social scientists like to call them.


As it happens, we have it on pretty good authority that we don’t qualify for the carbon-copy tag...which was reassuring but would have been a first guess anyway.

It may seem like pissing in the wind to those who’d rather it was all buttoned up out of sight...but if you don’t think there are things that used to be business as usual that are slamming rat-tails in cracks all over town...go ask Harvey Weinstein or Paul Manafort.


Or better still...Rogerlove-me-some-tricky-dickyStone.


...don’t it just warm a cold, dead heart?

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