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Dipshit of the Day [#oktrumper edition]

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“It’s Kinjatown”


I wouldn’t advise reading anything this incredibly brain-free account has to whine about. It’s a dismally shrill little fully-loaded diaper of a mind that defecates its output onto a system that (apparently) is directed to mute/banhammer at least one account that appeared to be interested solely in returning its off-brand “medicine” to sender but continues to allow this example of distilled bad-faith, specious reasoning, shoddy logic & trump-apologist nonsense talking points to pollute their platform with obvious & odious garbage.

To whit:


...there are plenty more examples - including several that could be described as obviously intended as threats:


...for the record - the dismissing began when the timestamps show the idiot coming back in the morning for a second helping - so about half of that I expected to show up in grey... seems when you pick the last comment as the link you paste it assumes that was the only dismissed comment.

Nobody is claiming that it isn’t trivially easy for these trolls to sign up again with yet another such sock-puppet account - indeed it’s entirely more likely that they have several already for the purposes of trying to feign a response or two that isn’t wishing they were expunged from the collective consciousness.


Nor is it unclear that the writing staff (& indeed the support staff) know this to be trolling with no redeeming features that they’d rather didn’t form part of their workday - so the only plausible explanation is that those with their hands on the purse strings would prefer to encourage it the same way they’d like to encourage Deadspin to stick to sports & Splinter to STFU about the appalling state of current affairs & politics in these interesting times.

I don’t know what the diametric opposite to a scholar & a gentleman is.

On the other hand, there really ought to be a word for it & apparently the use of herbaceous terminology is overly hurtful to those with delicate sensibilities & an undercooked sense of humor (or overcooked sense of self-importance...or mistaken belief that they retain some dignity in all this...who can tell with that degree of obfuscatory stupid) I suggest that in honor of the dearly beloved instigator of the extreme downhill slide to penury he seems so counter-intuitively devoted to, we just call it “Spanfellering”.


“Spanfellating” is probably the sort of thing that would upset the poor little baby, after all.

Or perhaps “The Two-faced Maidment Two-step” might be more appropriate.

Perhaps someone with some time on their hands could knock out an account or two for the express purpose of highlighting some of this nonsense?


I’d rather not pollute the air hereabouts with this kind of stinking crap.

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