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What's Cooking?[Y'All Are Way Too Kind...]

between we, thyself & aye...we’re all the asshole sometimes...but sometimes it’s some other guy.

Hey there, good people...

I really honestly do have to do some honest work every now & then if I’m going to keep the wolf from my actual door more successfully than our little wake managed, too.


So for the time being I’d be delighted to see any & all of you over here at the speak(easy) so to speak...because I plan on thumbing my nose at those who look to deserve a bit of that sort of thing as long as this platform they allow trolls & shitposters to have their way with to our mutual misery finds a way to stop me, or them, or all of us.

I don’t sleep a whole hell of a lot & I’ve paid a fair bit of attention over a good few years to how the trolling playbook functions so depending on the levels of righteous indignation I find myself provoked to I may be prepared to go a little overboard & I seem to be able to get wholesale prices on walls of text so that may not be to everyone’s tastes...

In which case, fair enough. There’s a Discord server called Left of Dead to which invites are available & which is currently home to a sort of mutant hybrid of an old school IM chat client & the salad days of Clashtalk.


There’s also a joint called that’s been around for a fair bit but the folks that put together didn’t know so there’s that, too.

If I ever get done throwing these little redoubts up around Kinjatown I’d be honored to be allowed to lend a hand with any of that sort of thing I might be useful for.


Truthfully though my first port of call beyond our little Discord yearbook should the fat lady reach the last gasp of her swansong on the deck of Kinja’s Titanic ambitions for us all it’s most likely to be at r/SplinterRIP.

I lurked reddit for years before I even knew Gawker was a thing. Maybe even since it first set up shop. Always swore I’d only ever read stuff there.


Which goes to show just how desperate the times we live in truly are.

Should any of you care to try your hands at having another go at the game we were playing before we were so rudely interrupted by people with more money than sense & neither manners nor courtesy (common or otherwise) with such indecent & indecorous haste - check the @RIP tab or drop me a line where you’d expect SplinterRIP to hang its hat in Google’s mailroom of PO Boxes.


Ideally I’d be able to send postcards from the next life to everyone who made the last one so much fun.

For now, though, I have to put the toys away for a bit, so I’ll leave you with a few choices words that are more by way of being for you than about you - as I’d expect you to be able to figure out for yourselves since you’re a bunch of smart, funny & engaging individuals of whom I’m inordinately fond...

whoever can he be talking about?
wherever it was I hope you got more of the stuff than I did...except know who you are...& you shouldn’t be able to sleep with yourself, let alone anyone else...
stars for all...until the stars fall from the sky & elektra takes it from there...but until then...I burn...we all burn together...

[...& that was where I was at when someone drew my attention to someone having made a comparison I can barely credit on Left of Dead...]


In the words of another Dear John of some renown & occasional disrepute...

...even if we don’t play by the strict Wimbledon rules & on the line means you don’t make the point this is one line I can’t believe anyone thinks I could walk & may very well be the highest compliment I’ve ever been paid in my entire life.


So apologies if you (like me) find the comparison entirely absurd & this comes across like an absurd piece of hubris on my part.

In my defence SplinterRIP was not, in the technically correct (& therefore best) sense, always “me” talking when it shot off its mouth - so if for some reason the compliment in question more properly belongs to one of the others involved I fervently hope that they find it here & that it brightens their day the way it has mine...or at least the part of me that can entertain the possibility that it might be deserved.


Anyway...someone left a post on discord where they compared the writing on SplinterRIP to Aesop Rock...& to disambiguate lest that be viewed as a typo for A$ap Rocky they added a link to this tune:

...ridiculous as it might sound to you reading all this typing I’m doing but if you’ll take my word for it...I am literally speechless right now.


I’ll try to come back later & add a few useful links into the above text where they might be of some service but I kind of have to get that off my chest & go have a bit of a lie down...or possibly a cold shower.

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